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Known wine health benefits are numerous. For a long time wine has been the choice beverage because of the help it provides in combating heart attacks and problematic circulation. Further research has revealed that wine also affects bones, helps prevent cancer and even lowers cholesterol.

Compounds in Red Wine Reduce Kidney Stone And Stroke Risk

Posted by Daniel Manu on November - 29 - 2011 0 Comment
Red Wine Health

Wine is full of dozens of compounds that have beneficial effects on the human body. Today there are many known advantages to drinking red wine on a daily basis. Such as reduced heart attack and blood clotting risk, increase bone mineral density, preventing osteoporosis and many more. Stop the spread of arterial muscle cells with red wine One of the more interesting benefits how alcohol positively affects arterial muscles. Alcohol,  [ Read More ]

Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

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Moderate Wine Serving

If you’re wondering if red wine is good for your health, well, Yes. It has been the subject of many studies conducted during the last century. Regardless, today red wine has been shown to affect health in multiple ways. However before I go into any details it must be said that it’s imperative to have only a moderate wine serving every day. More will start to have a negative impact on  [ Read More ]


It has long been known that wine has a positive effect on preventing heart diseases. The reason for this is that phytochemicals act as natural antioxidants and prevent a special type of molecules, called free radicals, from damaging the cells in the body. The most common such phytochemicals are flavanoids and resveratrol. The main effect of these phytochemicals revolve around an increase in good cholesterol, otherwise known as HDL-cholesterol. This  [ Read More ]

Bone Cell

Believe me, the next time you’re toasting red wine you’ll hear yourself saying “to bones”. Wine health benefits on the human body have been studied for years. Wine has been known to affect circulation and help prevent heart attacks, yet studies show that wine also has an effect upon BMD. Bone mineral density consists of a combination of minerals, such as calcium, in the bones that consequently measure bone strength.  [ Read More ]