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Serving a bottle of wine is an interesting experience and here you'll learn how to enjoy it more. Find out what's the most appropriate temperature, glass, food pairings for any wine type.

How to Pair Cheese With Champagne and Sparkling Wines

Posted by Daniel Manu on December - 16 - 2011 0 Comment
Green Champagne Cocktail

Want to know how to come up with exquisite cheese and sparkling wine pairings such as triple-cream cheese and Extra Brut Champagne? By the way, try it and you’ll never want to serve them separately again. The logic behind it is that triple creams are decadent and buttery making perfect matches for the refreshing and cleansing Champagne. Pairing is more of  a subjective process. It’s about what you like. The  [ Read More ]

How to Properly Store Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Posted by Daniel Manu on October - 24 - 2011 0 Comment
properly store champagne

Champagne is one of those wine types everyone must have. Finding a reason to celebrate is easy enough, what with all the holidays and different events, not to mention your own personal achievements and joys. Whatever reason you may have to serve Champagne there’s a lot of tips and tricks on how to store Champagne the proper way. Rest assured, opening a bottle of Champagne and not bathing everybody in  [ Read More ]

Myths and Facts on How to Select a Good Wine

Posted by Daniel Manu on October - 19 - 2011 0 Comment
myths and facts select good wine

How to select a good wine practically boils down to your personal taste. Wine selecting can be done by meticulously going through every aspect of the wine types in question, starting from alcohol and sugar content all the way to the color it has in the glass. But that’s not necessarily an efficient way to select wine. How to select wine is really much more simple. First of all think  [ Read More ]

Best White Wine For Wine Tasting Party

Posted by Daniel Manu on October - 12 - 2011 0 Comment
best white wine for wine tasting party

Hosting a wine tasting party is an excellent idea to bring a refreshing experience on the plate of your social activities. It’s common that people who don’t enjoy wine so much learn to appreciate the diversity and experience of wine tasting through such parties. This article is focused on white wines rather than red wines. You’re bound to notice new flavors and other subtle differences between white wines as a  [ Read More ]

What Is The Best Red Wine to Drink By Itself

Posted by Daniel Manu on October - 10 - 2011 0 Comment
Moderate Wine Serving

Red wine is an exquisite beverage. Kings have been feasting on great wines for many years and our opportunity to taste the style of kings is not to be taken lightly. Today the world of wine is more evolved than ever. Beyond the Old World wine regions such as France’s regions there are new wild wine making regions that put an end to France’s monopole. California red wine is by  [ Read More ]

Improve The Experience Of Wine Serving

Posted by Daniel Manu on May - 16 - 2011 0 Comment
wine serving

Contrary to popular belief wine serving isn’t such a high prestige activity. Anyone can pop the cork and fill the glass without encountering too many difficulties. But there are some things that will significantly improve the quality of your wine serving experience. Tip 1 – Temperature Typically you want to serve white wines at a lower temperature, while red wines do just fine at room temperature. For white wines if  [ Read More ]

How To Enjoy A Bottle Of Wine

Posted by Daniel Manu on May - 16 - 2011 0 Comment
enjoy wine

People have been enjoying wine tasting since ancient times, especially the French. However wine tasting methodology has only developed starting from the 14th century. What you’re interested in are the general characteristics of the wine. This article will help you do that. Tip 1 Sight-seeing Holding a clear glass with wine on a white background will help you identify a wine’s true color. This will usually clue you on the  [ Read More ]