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Wine Grapes Basics

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wine grapes

The quality of grapes is easily influenced by many external factors. Plants (more importantly, grapes) are highly dependent on external influences because they cannot move. Even though you always grow the same grapes, depending on the region they are never quite the same. The variance in the different characteristics of grapes is spectacular. Color and size, form and taste, aroma and productiveness all vary in degree of intensity to the  [ Read More ]

Vintage Wine – The Year That Matters

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vintage wines

When talking about wine we refer to vintages when we want to stress the fact that its made with grapes grown in the same year. Sometimes it can include grapes from outside the vintage, but that depends on the country’s laws. Even when using the same grapes a wine’s characteristics will change from year to year, may it be due to terrain weather conditions of that year, or type of  [ Read More ]

Table Wines – Classification Of Wine Types

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table wines

I believe we all know what still table wines are, they are the wines we usually drink. These are separated in the oldest known division, the one based on color. This distinguishing between white, red and rosé is accepted by everyone and reflects distinct differences in flavor, use, and production method. Many of these wines are varietally designed. Now, what does this mean? Is it something that denotes the style of  [ Read More ]

Wine Types – Wine For The Occasion

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wine types occasion

There is a question about wine that everybody asks at one point: Which one? Answering this question is always a fun task because you will never get the same answer. It all depends on what you want. Do you want a wine that will chill you on a hot summer day or one that will go great with whatever is cooking in the oven? When selecting wines we rarely go  [ Read More ]

Wine Types: Different Wine Varieties

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wine types

In this article I’m going to go through a list covering wine types. The term type refers to the general district of the wine (Riesling, Pinot Noir) note that there are many ways to classify wines. Experts describe them using words like flavor, color, sweetness, fizz and others. White Wine Types Riesling The Riesling is known as the classic German grape of the Rhine and Mosel. This wine grows in a  [ Read More ]